AKS Legal Successfully Protects Insurer’s Interests in Series of Cases

AKS Legal successfully protected the interests of RSKhB-Insurance in a series of cases initiated by
enterprises from the Samara Region for an amount exceeding 85 million rubles. If the opposing party
had won, there would have been a risk of additional claims and of manifold increase in the amount of
stated claims for the Client. The plaintiffs adjusted their actions in the course of dispute resolution.
However, anticipating this, we managed to correctly build a counter-strategy by applying the full
range of tools and tactics in procedural manoeuvres we had accumulated. The courts dismissed the
claims in full. AKS Legal has gained vast and positive experience from agricultural insurance trials
since 2013, which has now been enriched by another court victory in a series of cases. We will be
happy to welcome new clients in the field of agricultural insurance, since we are experts in this field.

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