About us

AKS Legal – is a law firm which provides legal support
to Russian and foreign businesses.

The firm was founded by lawyers with more than 10 years of successful law practicing experience.

The firm’s key employees are alumni of the top-tier law schools in the Russian Federation.

AKS Legal employees are permanently based in Moscow, but are prepared to travel anywhere in the world when it is in the interests of the Client to do so.

A broad network of regional contacts allows us to efficiently solve our Clients’ problems.

AKS Legal are always ready to help you in any emergency or difficult situation, whether in court, or in respect of claims by counterparties or government departments.

We can also offer help in your current business matters, such as completing a deal, providing legal business support, or gathering due diligence information on assets targeted for acquisition.

The experience acquired by the firm is unique in many respects and a number of our cases are legal precedents.

We adhere to the highest world standards of legal counsel in our work.

We do our best to draft immaculate documents and attend to all our Clients’ needs. Our company takes an individual approach to every Client.

+7 (495) 627-78-13 +7 (906) 065-73-73 8 Marta St. 1, b.12, BC TRIO, Ent.3, 8th floor Moscow 127083