AKS Legal succeeded in defending the interests of the National Association of Agriculture Insurers in 15 legal cases

AKS Legal has finished a momentous judicial project for the National Association of Agriculture Insurers (NAAI). Starting from April 2016, we were representing the interests of the NAAI in 15 interrelated cases on claims of insurants from Altai Region. All disputes were completed with 100% success for the clients: not only did courts of three instances rejected all the claims, but they also found abuse in plaintiffs' actions. The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation confirmed the NAAI's point. What the project resulted in was not only the prevention of massive unethical behavior against the NAAI but also many precedent-setting conclusions carrying much value for further agricultural insurance practice. AKS Legal team is glad to continue cooperation with the NAAI. We are consistent in developing our practice in insurance law, representing and consulting insurance firms and insurer associations.

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