AKS Legal protected the interests of insurance firm Opora and the National Association of Agriculture Insurers in a highly publicized 204-million case

AKS Legal counseling team won the resonant 204-million case of Central Black Earth Fruit and Berry Company CJSC's claim against insurance firm Opora in commercial courts of three instances. The Commercial Court of the Central District upheld the judicial acts of the lower instances and rejected the opponent's claim. In that case, AKS Legal represented the interests of the insurance firm and the National Association of Agriculture Insurers. The case had been reviewed by courts for almost 2 years—from December 2017. To date, the process has become highly publicized and broadly covered on mass media. Kommersant called the suit "one of the monumental suits of the recent years in the field of agricultural insurance." Media sources also noted that the suit amount—almost 204 million rubles—was a record-setter in the field of plant insurance. To substantiate its position, AKS Legal employed a set of unconventional procedural techniques that helped unequivocally prove the client's point. In particular, the court referred to the satellite imagery we presented, as well as quadcopter-captured photos of the area. It was a personalized approach to an elaborate document preparation for each of the 27 court sessions that allowed us to achieve the result at this stage.

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