September 27, 2021

Emergency Agricultural Insurance

Our new article “Emergency Agricultural Insurance” was published in the journal “Modern Insurance Technologies” (No. 4 (87) 2021). The article is devoted to Federal Law No. 177-FZ dated June 11, 2021 “On Amendments to the Federal Law ‘On State Support in the Field of Agricultural Insurance’…”. The law is important for the development of agricultural insurance in the Russian Federation, since it introduces a new institution - agricultural insurance with state support in case of occurrence of an emergency incident. The AKS Legal team, under the guidance of partners Kira Svintsova and Alexander Svintsov, and at the request of the National Association of Agricultural Insurers, took part in preparation of a number of rules of this law and regulatory acts to it.

October 20, 2020

The apple orchard case

Kira Svintsova and Ruslan Kozhevnikov shared in their text for Modern Insurance Technology some details of the intricate legal case. Skillfully managed and won by AKS Legal, the suit was ignited by the unethical behavior of the parties. To win the case, AKS Legal needed 28 court sessions, a quadcopter, satellite images, agronomy textbooks, and over 50 voluminous procedural documents.
March 5, 2020

Kommersant tells about the hard-hitting “apple” insurance case won by AKS Legal

As Kommersant notes in the article, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation rejected the appeal of Central Black Earth Fruit and Berry Company CJSC associated with refusals of the courts of three instances on the case with insurance firm Opora. AKS Legal, a counseling company that represented the interests of the insurer and National Insurer Association, succeeded in securing a decisive victory for the clients, in all instances. Kommersant drew attention to the "apple" dispute during review thereof in the first instance, appeals instance, and court of cassation. Several other media sources also provided detailed coverage of the case.

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